Apple WatchKit SDK is now available for developers

Apple today announced that its set of WatchKit development tools with XCode 6.2 (beta) are now available for developers, allowing them to begin creating apps for Apple Watch.

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The WatchKit framework (WatchKit.framework) contains the classes that a WatchKit extension uses to manipulate the interface of a Watch app. A Watch app contains one or more interface controllers, each of which can have tables, buttons, sliders, and other types of visual elements. The WatchKit extension uses the classes of this framework to configure those visual elements and to respond to user interactions.
“Apple Watch is most personal device ever, and WatchKit provides the incredible iOS developer community with the tools they need to create exciting new experiences right on your wrist.”
The WatchKit extension contains the code for managing the Watch app’s user interface and responding to user interactions. With those two executables, you can support different types of user interactions on Apple Watch:

  • Your Watch app contains your app’s full user interface. The user launches your app from the home screen and uses the app to view or manipulate data. To get started creating a Watch app, see App Essentials.
  • glance is an optional read-only interface that you use to display the most timely and relevant information from your app. Not all apps need a glance, but having one gives the user a convenient way to access your app’s data. To get started creating a glance interface, see Glance Essentials.
  • Custom notification interfaces let you alter the default interface displayed for recently received local and remote notifications and add custom graphics, content, and formatting. Custom notification interfaces are optional. To get started with creating a custom notification interface, see Notification Essentials.

In addition to sharing these use cases for the Apple Watch, Apple has also created a dedicated Apple Watch site for developers, outlining the difference between full apps, Glances, and actionable notifications, offering download links to the iOS 8.2 beta with WatchKit SDK, and providing design guidelines and templates.

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