Nokia 5530 Secret Codes:

*#0000# – Entering this code gives the firmware version of your phone’s software.Check your firmware version and make sure that you have the latest updated firmware.Newer firmware is made in order to rectify bugs and provide new features.

*#06# – IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity)Number – IMEI number is like Finger print.Each mobile phone has a unique IMEI number. *#7780# – This code restores the original factory settings without affecting any of your files.It is also called soft reset.

*#7370# – This code will completely format your phone deleting all your files.It will take your software to the same state, as you first received your phone.Use this code only if something wrong happens with your phone’s software like virus attack.It is also called hard reset.

*#2820# – This code tells your device’s bluetooth ID.It can be used for manually adding bluetooth devices.

*#62209526# – Shows MAC address of the WLAN adapter.This will be useful while connecting to internet through your phone’s Wifi connection.

*#92702689# – Life Timer – Shows total call minutes since very first call.

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7 thoughts on “Nokia 5530 Secret Codes:

    • How the devil do we get the first firmware? I am still on V21.0.025. I have tried the OTA ooitpn everyday with no success and even tried the software update to no avail.I am very tempted to use Nemisis to unlock or change my product code, but scared it will mess it up.Looking forward to all of the above changes to the phone.

    • That’s cool, but let’s face it, Flash Lite is not excellent eougnh yet, I have tried youtube and it works, right but slow!!! even in this record you can see that the reproduction is not vacant smoothly . so still a long way to go.

  1. I have the latest Firmware 3.2010.02-8 .and if I want to open some mesgase from my conversations..the phone allows me only write a new mesgase and I can’t see any mesgases could somebody tell me what could be the problem..??? I bought the Nokia N900 from UK and I would like to use it in Slovakia .everything else is ok.Thank you very much.

  2. the problem I have is that when I try to read a mseasge with my E61i, it shows a “General: System Error” mseasges and reboots. With the E61 it simply freezes.I cannot read any mseasge, either sent or received, in the phone or memory card. However, when I insert my Finnish SIM card, I have no problems at all.Any idea of what could be the problem?

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