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10 Easy Steps to create your first iPad App:

In this tutorial I will give you a brief introduction on how to get started with your first iPad application. To begin you will need the latest version of the iPhone SDK which you can download it from Apple Site. With the SDK you get some tools like Xcode, Interface Builder, new iPad simulator, and many more.

Lets start with the Most Useless App “Hello World” 🙂

In this tutorial i will show you how to make a simple image view in iPad. After completing this tutorial your App should look like this:

Creating a new project
Launch Xcode and click on File -> New Project -> Select Application (under iPhone OS) -> select Split View Based Application. and then give the name iPadHelloWorld (or anything else) ->save it.

Here is something change. This is not look like iPhone. Here you see three classes- delegate, MasterViewController and DetailViewController. MasterViewController is for Left Side portion of iPad (show table etc) and DetailViewController is Right side portion of iPad which show your Actual data.

Now follow the Screen Shot and do the same:

1. In your MasterViewController take NSMutableArray and give the name Images.

2. In ViewDidLoad alloc the array with image name.

3. In number of Row of Table return [images count].

4. Set Cell text label.

5. Here you select the row for the Detailview.

6. Now in Detail View take one UIImageView name it myImageView then synthesize it.

7. In DetailItem open the image in the ImageView.

8. Add image files in your Resource folder.

9. Open DetailView Xib and take one ImageView in this and connect this with myImageView.

10. Build and Go.

Your App look Like this:

Please give you comments and If you have any questions mail me…


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    • You need to do a tap and hold on the attachment icon. When you do that a couetxtnal menu will pop up with a few options. Quick Look is probably one option and the other is Open In If you select Open In a list of the installed applications that can open the attached file will be listed. You can select any of the applications listed.In iOS you don’t have access to the file system, so individual files are associated with specific applications. So, for example, if someone emails me a Word document, since I have Pages installed on my iPad I can choose to open the attaches Word document in Pages. Now that document is accessed only through my Pages application.There are applications that can connect and share documents with other applications. For example, Dropbox is a popular file sharing application that a lot of people in the iPad project use. But generally, a document or file needs to be associated with an application on the iPad for you to view or edit the document.Does this help at all?

  1. Thanks for the tutorial. It looks great. I am learning objective c and ipad programming, and am still a beginner. When I built this tutorial I got a fatal error related to step #7 “navigationBar…”

    Any ideas what I might need to adjust to get this to work?


  2. Hi Ben,

    I think you are using latest SDK. This is totally different from first iPad SDK.

    Anyways, you just take one array of some image image. And in your iPad detailview xip. take on UIImageView to show images.

    Basically split view contains two parts, root view and detail view. when you click any row in root view that according action will perform in detail view.

    I don’t think there will be any error occurred for navigation.

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