We have launched 3D framing app on AppStore

iFrame is 3D photo frame creator by which you can transform you photo frame in 3D effect in both vertical and horizontal direction. Also, you can rotate and zoom the frame.

Where you can use iFrame
βœ” You can check how your photo frame will look on your bedroom wall. By placing your 3D frame on your wall.
βœ” While buying carpets, drawings you can check how they will look on your wall.
βœ” You can place your photo frame in office of famous persons like office of Mr. Obama, Drawing room of Queen Elizabeth πŸ™‚
βœ” You can put your photo frame on some table.

β˜› 25 Awesome Photo frames included in app.
β˜› 25 best backgrounds included in app. You may used your own background.
β˜› You can zoom-rotate your photo inside photo frame.
β˜› Easy and Quick transform of 3D movement.
β˜› You can share your photo frame with family and friends by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
β˜› Save to Photo Library.
β˜› Email photo frame.
β˜› Use help screen for more guidance.


Download iFrame 3D from AppStore

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