libz.1.2.3.dylib not found in iOS5, XCode 4.2

It seems that libz.1.2.3.dylib is not included in iOS5 sdk. Here is simple method to fix this:

1. Open your project in XCode 4.2

2. Remove libz.1.2.3.dylib from framework

3. Add new framework libz.1.2.5

4. Run you app

It works fine. At least for me šŸ˜‰


!! Enjoy !!

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  1. But when you run same project in erlier version (3.2.5) it won’t work. !!! rather
    1. Open your project in XCode 4.2

    2. Remove libz.1.2.3.dylib from framework

    3. Add new framework libz.dylib.

    4. Run your app in both version

  2. Hi Muzammil, i am using Flash Builder 4.6 to develop iphone app on windows platform so i want your suggestion that is it right to do this or not and what kind of limitations in this method.

    • Thanks, this helped me. Pretty new to iOS dpemloveent and XCode in general.FYI, this failed for me until I enabled Always Search User Paths . This might be obvious for people used to XCode etc but as a settled C#/Visual Studio guy, wasn’t aware of this myself, so this may help anyone who can’t quite get this working.Cheers,Alex

    • Ok i admit, I am noob but I just wanted to know. When we ilsnatl this kernal (vanilla doesn’t work for me and I have to run 10.4 sigh) where do i place the package before activation? DO i place it on my desktop or do i place it in the root directory through Finder? I tried it before and i do not think it ilsnatled it properly. I am able to use my laptop with 10.6.5 but my current kernel is 10.4 and I want to upgrade that to this one. My laptop is the MSI GT725-212US. No one seems to have been able to get this going on SL but I have it running (although at 1024 768 because of my ATI mobility HD Radeon 4850). So please let me know and thank you for your boot CD as that allowed me to ilsnatl my retail DVD when the other boot cds failed.

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