How to hire a great iPhone Developer ?

As the mobile market is overtaking the desktop market, the demand of highly experienced iPhone developers are increasing every day for iPhone app development and iOS programming. Every client want to hire a great iPhone developer for his job but don’t know who is most suitable candidate.

How To Start ?

When you’ve finally figured out what kind of app you’re building, you can start crafting the job requirements to begin your hunt. Write a detail document of your requirement. It would be better to add few screen shot or sketch drawings so developer can easily understand what exactly you needed. Better to have a designer with you or hire any designer also if you want to build something awesome. A developer can’t do all graphics work with excellence.

Developer must have idea about Photoshop and similar image editing software. So he can extract designer’s PSD files or create images from your design. This is not compulsory but better to have. It’s also important to note that not all apps are created equally either, even when you’re hiring someone with specific experience in iPhone app development. It all boils down to the type of app you want to produce.

Who is suitable for you ?

If you’re looking for someone who’s got more than a few apps under his or her belt, make sure Objective C is on the list and that he can do object-oriented programming. That basically means, He organized his code in a way that makes it easier for subsequent developers to pick it up and figure out what’s going on. Passion on the development team will make project managing your iPhone app all that much easier.

If your application is a game, you may not need a developer who works on apps exclusively. You can find a more game-focused developer who can code a game application in a frameworks like Cocos-2d, Unity 3D and OpenGL etc. Usability for games is unique and someone without that gaming background may not have as much to offer in this case. Games are also coded in Objective C, but you’ll have more of a pool of developers to pick from if you look beyond those who’ve just created mobile applications.

If you’re making a native app (an app built with Objective C), you’ll benefit from someone who’s been through the process a few times. A developer with some familiarity coding for an iPhone will have experience working around usability issues and have insights on what can arise when going through the approval process with Apple’s iPhone App store.







A good iPhone developer have a number of tips and tricks regarding submissions to the App Store, and this will save you time in the end. Every time a submission is rejected by Apple, you will have to go through the entire waiting process again. Each time that can be as much as 7-10 business days or more. So, developer should have experience in app submission also. This way, at least he knows what is going on on App Store.





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